Wild Rose Trail (Spiders, Bird Feathers & Poo)

  WILD ROSE TRAIL: This week I chose a trail near Salt Lake City. My expectations were less than the trail elevation and the trail ended up “OK” at best. Perhaps it was the low expectations that set the mood for this hike. I started out by taking easily duplicate able videos with the lens cap on. On a side note I managed to see … Continue reading Wild Rose Trail (Spiders, Bird Feathers & Poo)

Centerville Canyon (Rope Swing!)

Every trail is a new adventure. I went out on a whim with this one as I wasn’t sure Centerville had much to offer. I was taken by surprise with rock climbing, a creek throughout, and even a rope swing (chain swing?!). The rock climbing appeared near the beginning of the trail and was a thrill that I had not yet experienced on Utah trails. … Continue reading Centerville Canyon (Rope Swing!)

Donut Falls Trail (The Drone Attack)

After six to eight inches of fresh snow this trail was like a winter wonderland. There were children sledding near the entrance, drones flying, and believe it or not women stumbling out of the trailhead in heels! I was second-guessing my shoe selection until witnessing the women in heels. My Nobull runners did the job but were nowhere near the ideal shoe for the hike. … Continue reading Donut Falls Trail (The Drone Attack)

Antelope Island (A trip to the “Ladyfinger”)

  There is a long road leading to the “Island” with beautiful views of either side of the road. I stopped many times on the road to catch the reflection of the mountains in the water. If you are into rock climbing, a stop at the Ladyfinger campground is a must. There is a massive blob of rock with a supposed trail. I suggest walking … Continue reading Antelope Island (A trip to the “Ladyfinger”)