Naketano Review

I am overly excited to share these product based on the abundance of compliments I have received. I have purchased Naketano products in the past and have always been impressed with quality. My current favorite product is the vest. Naketano vests take quality to another level with being durable, fashionable, and warm. What is Naketano? Naketano is a German clothing company that makes amazing winter apparel … Continue reading Naketano Review

LifeStaw Go Water Filter Bottle

What is a LifeStraw? The LifeStraw is simply a portable filtration device that makes contaminated water safe to drink. Although this may sounded too good to be true this devise has lived up to the hype thus far.  These devices are perfect for anything from emergency preparation to outdoor survival. I went with the LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle mainly for the ease of use. With the … Continue reading LifeStaw Go Water Filter Bottle