Toas-Tite Pie Iron Review (Campfire Cooking)

What is a Pie Iron? A “Pie Iron” is a campers dream. It is an aluminum enclosure that you place over the fire to make the perfect toasted sandwich, toasted peanut butter, pizza pocket, pies, and much much more. The Pie Iron comes with a recipe book with a number of suggestions.

How does it work? In order to make a pie, specifically, you add butter to the inside of the Pie Iron being sure to completely cover so it doesn’t stick. Next you place a slice of bread. Finally, you add your pie filling, place another piece of bread on top of your filling and squeeze closed. At this time you can either tear of the bread outside of the closure or let it burn off. Once browned on each side you are left with the perfect, crust free, pocket of goodness.

Click HERE to review the Pie Iron I use and love!

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