Stewart Falls (Hangry, Snake!)

STEWART FALLS TRAIL: After a 5 mile run I set out to capture not one but two trails in and around Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness. The fees were $6 and done via the honor system, as it was still pre season. If you happened to forget your park fees there are many other hiking sites, with no charge, near by. After the long drive I was determined to find enough change in my car to make ends meet. Luckily, I had a jacket in my car with a few dollars making this much easier.  In planning this trip I was aware that there was a fee for the cave but did not know the fee was for all the trials at Mt. Timpanogos as well.

From the trailhead it was difficult to decipher which trail I was on and or which trail I wanted to take. At this point I just wanted to see a waterfall so I chose a trail and on I went. The trail was nicely wooded with large trees shading the well-defined path. There were many families that took this hike as well as pets. This would have been a great hike to pack lunch in and enjoy at the waterfall. Unfortunately, I did not come prepared and elected to become “HANGRY” instead!


A coworker had shared with me that as a young child he was told to go around logs to avoid SNAKES that may be hanging out in the shade of the log. Given the conversation was so recent I was sure to be on the look out for snakes as well as avoid walking over logs when able. About ¾ of the way to the waterfall I was able to see my first snake of the year! He, because all snakes are “he” in my stories, was just a little guy but was quick to get away as I neared, perhaps camera shy! Other than the snake there was little to no animal excitement on this trail.

There was a point on this trail that I wasn’t so sure I was headed towards a waterfall. Most trails I have been on you can hear the waterfall far sooner than you can see it. This trail had me discouraged until I made the last turn, at the waterfall, and could finally hear and see the waterfall.


This waterfall was amazing! This would have been the perfect waterfall to climb, if I hadn’t ran and climbed Bridal Vail Waterfall earlier in the day. Nonetheless there was plenty of room to picnic, at the base of the waterfall, as well as beautiful pictures to be had at every angle. I didn’t stay long as the waterfall was a busy place. Luckly, I carried my Hydro Flask this day as this trail itself was lacking water throughout.

All in all this roughly 3.4-mile hike was well worth it. There was no snow on the trail, I saw my first snake of the year, saw a beautiful waterfall, and wore myself out landing me a wonderful nap in my Hammock! 

  • Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah (Mount Timpanogos Wilderness)
  • Parking: Yes, but it appeared to be lacking.
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Travel Congestion: No
  • Estimate Elevation: 718ft
  • Distance: 3.4mi
  • Trail Type: Out & Back
  • Pets Allowed: Yes


  • Waterfall- The Waterfall at the end of the trail was tall and magnificent!
  • Defined Trail- The trail is easy to navigate and crowding was not an issue.
  • Space at Waterfall- I find that most waterfalls trails are congested when you get to the actual waterfall. This trail was much different as there was plenty of room for families to play, eat, and have a good time before turning back.


  • Signs:I was unable to locate the trail sign from the base area. This seems to be a reoccurring problem for me so perhaps it’s just me!

SNACKS: If only…


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