Oakley Snowboard Apparel Review

Oakley has become one of my favorite clothing brands for snowboarding. It started with a pair of goggles, which later led to a coat, pants, and even a helmet. Although Oakley does provide gear for other sports, I only have experience with their snowboard line.


What is Oakley? Oakley is a global company that provides quality sports clothing and accessories ranging from ski helmets, to goggles, and beyond. Oakley is most notably known for their eye where line including both goggles and (sun) glasses.

What do you like about Oakley Snowboard Coats and Snow pants? Oakley is a close second in my favorite snowboard apparel. I fell for the stylish options and have grown to love the durability in Oakley products. Oakley coats tend to be longer which is a great feature when snowboarding. As for the pants, I love the pair I own (I maybe wore the pants 99.99% of the times I was out this year). The pants I own are baggy, but not too baggy. The button is high quality and does not come disengaged after a wild fall (just to clarity, I never fall). I also own and highly recommend Oakley helmets. You can find my helmet review HERE!

Why is Oakley only a close second? And what is number one? Pockets, it is as simple as that. There is a large pocket inside my 686 coats that works best to hold my phone. I find that my phone gets in the way if I place it in the outside pockets of any coat. It is definitely not a deal breaker for me, given I didn’t stop purchasing after my first coat (one pullover, one zip up).

Click HERE to shop Oakley. Or check out my gear in action HERE!

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