Snowbasin Resort (Forever a Great Ride)

SNOWBASIN RESORT: Snowbasin is an amazing snow resort, which also features many summer activities. It is a short 30 min drive from Salt Lake City and also has a bus route that drops you off right in front of the resort. My favorite thing about this resort is that it features two gondolas! You never know what you are missing out on until you ride a gondola. It is amazing being tucked away in warm gondola, out of the wind, while riding up to the top of the mountain. There are days I have showed up at Snowbasin and considered riding other lifts but the fact that you can ride a gondola makes it a no brainer! Ok, lets be honest, that’s most days! Better yet, you can reach the majority of the resort from the two gondolas. Gondolas aside their facilities are top notch. I shit you not, the bathrooms are astonishing and always clean. The food tends to be a bit pricey but the variety of food options is impressive. Their hot chocolate is amazing and stays hot for hours in your Hydro Flask (Click to explore options). The lines tend to be manageable as long as the majority of the lifts are spinning. Strawberry is my favorite place to ride featuring some of the best powder and tree runs to be found but can be windy at times. Check out the clip above which mainly features the runs on Strawberry.


  • Zionorx4 Goggles: These glasses are incredible for the price. For around $39.99 you can get the glasses with one replaceable lenses. The glasses are durable and replacement lenses only set you back about $25.00. You can pay well over $200 for equivalent glasses from Anon. Don’t get me wrong, Anon makes great glasses, but I would feel horrible scratching those bad boys!
  • Snow pants/ Coat: I supported Oakley from head to toe this day. My coat was a pullover which is kinda a hassle but still a great coat. Click HERE to see another option, that I currently own, and recommend from Oakley. My go to clothing is 686 but had to try a stylish Oakley outfit or two! Both are great quality, warm, and durable.
  • Snowboard Boots: I prefer Burton boots and only Burton boots. I wear Burton Limelight BOA’s. I would never go back to laces!
  • Bindings: I have always rocked Burton bindings. Currently rocking the 2018 Burton Escapade EST bindings
  • Board: Womens 2016 Talent Scout. This is by far my favorite board to ride. Probably doesn’t hurt that I went all out with the bindings for this board as well. Strongly considering splurging on the 2018 Talent Scout Board as this board has had a rough year!
  • Location: Huntsville, Utah
  • Parking: Plenty of parking with transportation from remote lots!
  • Travel Congestion: Moderate
  • Estimate Elevation: 9,233ft


  • Gondolas (2)- Enough said!
  • Facilities- All lodges are beautiful and well maintained.
  • Lines- Lines are relatively short in comparison to other local resorts.
  • Long Runs- The runs are some of the longest I have ever ridden.
  • Transportation- The bus system as well as the transportation from the lot are awesome.
  • Ticket Price- Ticket prices seem extremely fair for what they have to offer.


  • Seating- Seating is not always easy to get because non-snowboarders sit at the tables all day. Something you see at many of the resorts that is quite irritating if that individual is not holding a table for you!
  • Food Cost: It is inline with other Utah resorts but still a bit more than I would like to spend on lunch.

TECHNOLOGY: ZionorX4 GogglesHydro Flask, GOPRO HERO 6 (Click here to shop)

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