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Now that snowboard season is coming to an end, I figured I would review my favorite snowboard brands as they go on sale. Over the next several weeks I will review my favorite clothing, goggles, helmet, mittens, boots, boards, and bindings. I am by no means a pro, when it comes to snowboarding and or the gear I wear, but I definitely do know what I like!

686 has been my favorite clothing brand since day one. When I began snowboarding I splurged and purchased my first 686 outfit without a true understanding of how important warm and dry gear was. I now own over 6 pieces of 686 gear and love them all!

What is 686? 686 is an independently owned and operated technical outerwear and accesory company that was started by Michael Akira West in 1992.

What product does 686 carry? Products range from Snow Apparel (coats, snow pants, gloves, and mittens), Technical Apparel (jackets, fleece, hoods, and facemarks), Toolbelts, and Casual Apparel (hoodies and beanies). Check out a variety of product offerings HERE.

Toolbelt– The Toolbelt makes the perfect gift! The Toolbelt is a fashionable belt with a job! The Toolbelt has three wrenches, two screwdrivers, and even a bottle opener!

Snow Apparel– Below are a few of my favorite options that are currently available with links to purchase:


Women’s Flower Pullover Coat

Women’s Ruby Front Zip Coat

Men’s Tan Front Zip Coat

Women’s Pink Pants

Men’s Black Pants

Do 686 products work? Absolutely! 686 produces are hands down the best Snowboard Coats and Pants that I have tried. I have never been cold nor wet while wearing their gear. I spent a lot of time on the ground, when I was learning, and being wet and cold was never an issue. This gear is so warm that I usually only wear shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt under my 686 gear. Even up against other top notch brands, such as Burton and Oakley, 686 has held its own. Although I do love my Oakley snow gear, the pocket placement on the 686 gear is far superior. I also love the fun phrases randomly placed on the gear!

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