Waterfall Canyon Trail (The Great Fall)

WATERFALL CANYON TRAIL: The last few trails I have navigated were lacking water features so, with Hydro Flask in hand, I set out for a waterfall to get my fix. This trail started out a little odd because I did not see any markings for the Waterfall Canyon Trail, from the base area. Nonetheless, I began my adventure behind a gentleman hoping he knew the way. As I neared the gentleman I noticed that he was wearing a hard hat paired with a mining light! At this point I thought I may have underestimated the adventure, I had set out to complete, but continued after assuring myself that you only live once! It wasn’t long after that I saw other groups descending in apparel similar to my own, with the exception to ice cleats I later regretted leaving behind. As I made my trek up the steep trail I came to a clearing with an endless view of the valley.


Upon snapping a few pictures at the clearing, I made my way back to the trail to find myself no longer following the gentleman with the hard had. It appears his adventure was quite different after all. As I neared the waterfall I was made aware of the icy conditions I had encountered and the difficult decent yet to come. Upon reaching the waterfall there were still a couple groups lingering, cameras flashing, and a drone set for takeoff. With the drone launched, I caught some decent shots but was forced to cut the flight short as the wind was a bit more than anticipated. With drone in stow, I delayed a bit longer to take in the peacefulness of the waterfall. Upon stabilizing myself, from my first slip, I knew I had a long way to go. Prior to reaching the trailhead I had fine-tuned my balance with my surfer/ snowboard style decent with only one fall! All in all, the Waterfall was well worth the trek and will be well worth a repeat trip once the waterfall is thawed.

  • Location: Ogden, Utah
  • Parking: Plenty at trailhead
  • Difficulty: Moderate/ Hard with ice snow cover!
  • Travel Congestion: Many people turn back early.
  • Estimate Elevation: 1,020ft
  • Distance: 5mi
  • Trail Type: Out & Back
  • Pets Allowed: Yes


  • Waterfall– The Waterfall at the end of the trail was very tall and magnificent! When I visited it was mostly frozen over, with ice breaking off, but still amazing to see.
  • Defined Trail- The trail is easy to navigate and crowding was not an issue.
  • Challenging- The steep rocky terrain made portions of the trail challenging. Isn’t a workout the added benefit to a hike?!


  • Not So Kid Friendly: Although people did brave the trail with children, the struggle was real!
  • Slick: The melting snow/ icy conditions as you neared the falls were difficult to navigate without spikes. Wearing spikes or waiting until spring would eliminate this con.
  • Signs: I was unable to locate the trail from the base area. I navigated a long, a drivable road, and later saw a sign for the trail. Perhaps I missed the sign as everyone else appeared to know where they were going.

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