Hydro Flask

What is a Hydro Flask? Hydro Flask is a fashionable metal insolated BPA free bottle that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! It is perfect for the adventure when you want your ice to last all day, the cold beer once you get to where you are going, or even the chair lift when you want a cozy drink to warm you from the inside out! Hydro Flasks TempShield double wall insulation can keep drinks cold (including ice) for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours and produce no sweat. Hydro Flask comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and drinking configurations as seen below:

Does it work? Above and beyond my expectation! This is the best all-around water bottle I own. The only time I am not supporting my Hydro Flask is when I am on a long hike which I am unable to pack my own water in on. On these hikes, I choose the LifeStraw Water Bottle (with filtration straw) which can be found HERE.

Click HERE to view the wide variety of Hydro Flask offerings!

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  1. We don’t leave home without our Hydroflasks! The keep ice in them the entire day at the hot beach! Amazing!

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