Antelope Island (A trip to the “Ladyfinger”)


There is a long road leading to the “Island” with beautiful views of either side of the road. I stopped many times on the road to catch the reflection of the mountains in the water. If you are into rock climbing, a stop at the Ladyfinger campground is a must. There is a massive blob of rock with a supposed trail. I suggest walking around on the rocks until your heart is content and your ankles are wrecked! If you are daring take a trip to the waters edge and with a little imagination you can make believe you are on a beach in the Bahamas. I would hate to spoil the excitement but that black ring around the waters edge is a bit more than wet sand. Flies, brine flies to be specific! There are also brine shrimp to go along with the brine flies. Although you will see signs for the “beach area,” and assume people actually swim there, DON’T DO IT!  Can you imagine putting salt in all the wounds you didn’t know you had? Yeah, floating on top of the water might be cool but driving home smelling like the ass end of a buffalo isn’t a fair compromise. This is solely my opinion so if you must take a swim please; please let me know how it went! If you were feeling the Ladyfinger rock climbing there is a moderate trail near Bridger Bay that was spectacular. The views from the top were amazing. Don’t be discouraged from the steepness. The views from the first landing are well worth the walk as well. There is a plethora of magnificent rocks for pictures on this hike as well. Aside from hiking there is horseback riding, bike trails, and even wild bison! You may also get lucky and see some deer, prong sheep, or even antelope among other animals that live on the island.

All in all the day trip to the “island” was worth it. Truth be told Google maps is either lying or this isn’t really an island anymore! Based on my experience, as well as other reviews I have read, mid spring is the ideal time to visit. Along with the warmer weather come bugs, which can be unbearable at times.

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